No matter your pest problem, QPS has you covered!

Hibernating Insects

Hibernating insects including Asian lady beetles, box elder bugs, cluster flies, and stink bugs enter your home or place of business when the weather begins to turn cold. This is why it is important to treat your home in fall. As the bugs attempt to enter your structure, they walk through our perimeter defensive treatment.

We then treat your interior perimeter focusing on windows, door frames, basement sill areas, and other areas these pests may enter your warm structure.


The dreaded bedbug is primarily interested in human blood. Although these creatures don’t spread disease, they are creepy to say the least! Just the idea of bugs biting us while we are sleeping is enough to make skin crawl.
Our chemical treatment has a high success rate because we take our time to perform the treatment right the first time! This area of discussion is simply too complex to sum up in a short paragraph. I strongly advise you contact us immediately if you even suspect you may have these creatures in your home! The sooner, the better.

Small Animals

Squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, skunks, possums, and other small animals may become problematic around your property. Some of these creatures will attempt to enter your home looking for warm, safe places. Unfortunately, this is unsanitary and potentially dangerous.

QPS proudly offers trapping services to humanely remove the animals! Please contact us for more details!

Mice & Rats

Rodents are highly unsanitary creatures. Many do not have bladder or bowel control as they defecate and urinate everywhere they go! Their droppings are often riddled with disease, including salmonellosis, listerua, and the dreaded hantavirus which has proven to be fatal and humans approximately 40% of the time. Additionally, mice and rats are capable of causing significant damage your property by gnawing and burrowing.

Our strategy for this type of activity is threefold. (1) We first exterminate the rodents that are in the business or residence. There are many different methods we can utilize to achieve this. (2) To prevent future rodents from entering the structure, we carefully inspect the exterior perimeter of the structure looking for any potential rodent entry points and seal them. (3) Exterior equipment may be recommended to exterminate mice in the immediate vicinity.

Occasional Invaders

Many insects that enter your home or business fall within the category of “occasional invaders”. In addition to being unsightly and annoying, some are unsanitary or just downright creepy.

To combat this, we offer interior and exterior perimeter treatments of the structure to create a double layer defensive barrier. We often use Pyrethroid based products. Pyrethroids are organic compounds similar to the natural pyrethrins produced by flowers which naturally repel most common bugs.

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects including wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and several others sometimes nest against your structure, or near enough your home that they pose a threat. Often people will simply be mowing their lawn, and seemingly out of nowhere they will be attacked!

Fret not! There are preventative and reactive elimination options. Our techs are trained to find the areas of your home or business that are highly conducive to stinging insects. You may have noticed nests on the peak of your structure or behind your shutters, but there are many more potential hiding spots! Each service includes an evaluation of the exterior perimeter, preventative treatment to conducive nesting areas, and elimination of any active nests.

Spiders & Centipedes

Spiders and centipedes are predators in the arthropod kingdom. They are attracted to their primary food source, which is pretty much all of the other bugs. If you have Spiders and centipedes in your house, it is most likely because you have a variety of other bugs present as well.

To combat this activity, we treat the interior and exterior perimeter of your home or business, creating a double layer protective barrier. Our quarterly service ensures that this barrier is maintained to reduce the activity throughout the changing seasons.


Cockroaches can be extremely frustrating as they breed incredibly quickly! In addition to being unsightly, they are highly unsanitary and spread disease.

When it comes to this specific pest, it is important to evaluate the situation very carefully. We must take all factors into consideration to formulate a complete battle plan specially tailored to your individual situation. Follow-up is extremely important because any that survive an initial treatment can rebound the entire population very quickly. Further, cockroaches can gain an immunity or resistance to certain chemicals over time. This considered; it is very important that action be taken thoroughly and correctly the first time.

We utilize many different products and techniques to combat these pests including baits, knockdown chemicals, and insect growth regulator’s which prevents further breeding. The only acceptable number for this insect is zero. We must exterminate the very last one!


In addition to being unsightly, ants can cause structural damage to your home or business. Some ants chew on wood material, which could eventually lead to moisture, and water damage. Other ants may take over your yard as they spread across with numerous colonies.

To combat this pest, we treat your home taking advantage of the ants supply lines. The ants walk through the product, not realizing they’ve been affected. Ants communicate by touching one another, so when the ants return to the colony, the product is shared with the other ants. The entire colony is then completely exterminated in a relatively short period of time. The ants never come back, as there’s nothing left to come back to. The colony has been destroyed.

Mosquitoes, Fleas & Ticks

Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are more than a nuisance. Their itchy side effect is only the tip of the iceberg. It may surprise you to know that mosquitos are the deadliest creature on the planet to humans! The reason for this is that they spread disease such as West Nile virus, malaria, Zika virus, and more. Ticks also carry a range of diseases including Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and many more.

Quality Pest Solutions now offers mosquito and tick reduction services. We begin by evaluating your property for common breeding and harboring areas such as bird baths, standing puddles, gutters, decorative fountains, ponds, hollow trees, old tires, and other areas of stagnant standing water. We then fog the landscape focusing on these areas, as well as bushes, trees, tall grass, and other shady areas mosquito’s and ticks may rest. The result is a significant reduction of mosquito and tick activity around your home or place of business. Call us today for more information!